Sharing the Good News

JEO leads educational trips, produces and distributes Christian media and has a Mobile Sunday School for children.


Media Production and distribution

JEO produces and distributes Arabic CDs, videos, TV and radio programs, Bibles and Christian literature throughout the Holy Land. We also acquire permission to distribute Christian media resources from other organizations. These resources are used and distributed at outreach events, to local churches and organizations. We use social media and videos with a message to reach and engage with young people.

Educational trips

At JEO we organize field trips for various groups to biblical sites in the Holy Land. Here we provide information on the biblical significance of the sites and we have the opportunity to build relationships with attendees. Those who want to know more are invited to meet with JEO staff individually or in a group for further discussion about what they learned.


Children’s ministries

Our main children’s ministry is our Mobile Sunday School. Our team travels to Christian children living in isolated areas and gathers them for a Sunday School. They learn about God through Bible stories, games, song and prayer. We also hold larger events for the children and their families so that they can have fellowship together.

In addition to the Mobile Sunday School, we often hold events for children as part of seasonal outreaches.


Impact lives!

Help us share the Good News with more people in the Holy Land.

Reaching the next generation

Reaching the next generation