About us

Established in 1989


An overview

Jerusalem Evangelical Outreach was founded in 1989 by Pastor Johnny Ziat. He had a heart to share the love of Christ with Arabs in the Holy Land.

Today, JEO is a non-denominational ministry based in Jerusalem and operating across the Holy Land. We seek to share the love of Christ with Arabs while going about doing good as Christ did. Our ministries aim to build relationships with communities, families, and individuals so that hearts may be opened to the Gospel and transformed. Our staff then walk with people on their journey of faith by discipling them. It is our hope that they, in turn, will make disciples. We believe the future of the Christian community lies in the hands of our youth, therefore, many of our ministries seek to reach youth in particular.

Our ministries include: Relief assistance, Biblical excursions to local sites, and community development. While ministries expanded over the years, our heart remains the same.

Our Director

Rami Fellemon, JEO’s current director, was born and raised in the Holy Land and was blessed by Christian parents who love to serve the Lord.

Rami has a passion to impact the lives of others for Christ. This fostered a commitment to study the Word of God and gain skills in various fields in order to serve others and to build a strong Christian home for his wife and children.

He uses his experience and capabilities for the sake of those served, and he works hand in hand with staff and team leaders to understand the current situation and anticipate future ministry growth. He continuously seeks to build local networks and relationships.



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Rami Fellemon serving his community

Rami Fellemon serving his community

Our vision is to see younger Arabs in the Holy Land coming to the Lord, growing in their faith, and becoming pillars for Christ in their communities.
Our mission is to build relationships with children, youth and families, sharing the good news of Christ, and coming alongside them so that they can grow as replicating disciples.