Success Stories

JEO has been impacting lives and communities since 1989.


Mobile Children’s Sunday School


A highlight in JEO’s ministry at the end of 2017 was establishing their Mobile Children’s Sunday School in an area where Christians are isolated from each other. The children have really engaged with the project and learnt a lot. Through larger events, we have brought the Christian community together and united them where they would otherwise be apart.


Relief Team


The JEO relief team has been successful in reaching many people in need. We manage to visit around 1800 families per year with an average of 5 people in each family. We have provided them with food, medicine and warmth. We have reminded them that they are not forgotten about and brought hope to their households.


Coffeehouse in Bethlehem


Founded in January 2016, our coffeehouse has been a great base for many projects. We welcome members of the public every day and our coffeehouse has a great reputation in town. It is particularly appealing to youth, which has allowed us to build relationships with young people and share the love of Christ with them.


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