Jerusalem Evangelical Outreach


People of the Land


The Holy Land is a wonderful place to live and work. However, there are many concerning issues we face that require creative approaches to providing solutions.


Community needs:



Due to the high rate of unemployment in the Palestinian Territories, Palestinians/Arabs need improved access to education and the labor market.


Because one in four people are living below the poverty line, there is a growing need for basic necessities, such as food, clothing, diapers, hygiene products, medicines, etc.


Inadequate financial investment and restricted development within the community result in few recreational opportunities for young people, leading to boredom, low ambition and antisocial behavior.


Because young people often grow up in a deprived environment, made worse by a weakened education system, limited areas for industry, cultural and language barriers and political tensions, they are dropping out of high school.


English language skills are limited, even among some high school and college students; this hinders young people, who are seeking jobs and trying to acclimate into the broader society.



total population Living below poverty line


High school Dropout rate


of children 6-59 months are anemic


Spiritual needs:



Young people frequently say that they have little or no hope for the future.


They are often unable to recognize/acknowledge their God-given talents and skills and need help realizing their personal gifts and abilities.


Christian families often feel isolated and suffer from persecution. They need to experience the love of fellow Christians and gather for prayer and fellowship.



There is shortage of ways for people to access Christian music, videos, print/audio Bibles, children’s books and materials in stores, schools, churches or at conferences, digitally and through a variety of social media platforms.



% of Population in west bank who identify as christian


of Christians in Israel and Palestine identify as Arab


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